A Jaunt Through the Neighbourhood

Good morning campers!

This morning I logged on and … didn’t fiddle around trying to make myself looking presentable with my new mesh/bento shape and noggin stuffz. But I slipped back into my old beautiful self, rezzed my new RV and set off for a little spritztour around my new home continent Satori, on Linden Route 8.

I notice immediately that something is not quite right in our little pixel world … or my connection. Rezzing my vehicle took very long and textures fade in and out of focus all the time.
Doing some snapshots is pretty hard when half of your picture isn’t sharp. But my camper is cool, no?
Not far down the road I see this little private city. Will check it some other time. Notice how badly the textures show? Oh my, Nividia driver was properly installed tho, and recognized by the Singularity viewer. Dunno whats wrong. :/
My van was just parking on the road, nevertheless slowly sinking into the asphalt. 😮 This happened all the time, in each sim. When I resumed driving everything went back to normal. And when I stopped it sank down again. Weird. :/
Then, while trying to find a fine tuning for the hectic steering in the van’s menu I catapulted myself out of the van, which immediately went p00f. Et voila, one unhappy hippie left stranded by the roadside. 😦

Oh btw, talking about campervans, me’s gotta go now. Need to find the new Police Clearance Station to get Oubaas’ paperwork sorted out. Will prolly get weighed there as well – Oubaas, not me – and also get to hear some nasty remarks about road safety and roadworthiness of my fuxn vehicle. But they can lick my shiny ass, I’ve got a licence, valid for 3 days, and can drive my shitty van in all kinds of shitty condition. 😉 And anyway, I’m a fit middle aged lady who hardly speaks or understands English and I got a foreign nation’s drivers licence and they wouldn’t dare fucking with me. So just mumbling “Oh my” and “Oh dear” from time to time and we should be okay-ish. 😉

Will dress a bit provocatively, showing more skin than absolutely necessary, act a bit flakey (and switch my usual inner April Ludgate off) … just for good measures. 😉

Who could say No to this cuddly little thing? And the van ain’t too bad either.


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