Not of Mind over Matter but of Patience over Matter. After the last ArchLinux update earlier today couldn’t finish for some or the other geeky technical reason, I tried it again just two minutes ago …

Et voila: “Your system is Up to Date!” =^.^=
Manjaro is good …

… whoa! I knew the wonderful geeks at upsteam Arch would notice the problems and find a solution sooner or later.

But so soon? Wowowow! 🙂

Let’s not forget Arch isn’t famous for its stability, unlike Debian which is supposedly super duper stable. Maybe because it never updates. No wonder then that people say it’s nuke proof. And when you believe all the geeky types you wouldn’t even install any Arch distro in the first place since it sure leads to your inevitable doom. 😮

… Namib is besterer!

Know what? Arch is plenty stable for me, and always up to date. And when Nvidia releases a new graphics driver for Linux, guess who’ll find it – automatically installed – on her system, like, 5 minutes later? Mhm, that’s right: Your editrix! Because the Arch and derivative distro developers do care! They know their shit and what to do in case of an oopsie.

And said oopsie isn’t even catastrophically bad or so. A failed update doesn’t equate to system crash and irretrievably catastrophic data loss or anything like that. It’s just that you’ve gotta wait a tiny bit longer for the freshest shit on the planet. Most users won’t even notice there was something wrong. If I came home right now and attempted the update, it would’ve executed without a hitch and I wouldn’t even know there was some earlier trubbel.


So I guess it’s okay if I say all other Linux distros may fuk off and join Windows and MacOS in the loser camp. 🙂



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