Second Life’s Lab Gab with Xiola and Strawberry – Episode 6 – Astralia x Hello Kitty

You know what thought just crossed my mind: WTF is Hello Kitty? Yes, I know it’s one of the many many Japanese mascots, that’s not the question. But what does Hello Kitty stand for, whom or what does it represent? As usual I’m much too lazy to investigate, to even do an online search.

So I just let the girl’s blahblah wash over me …

To enter the giveaway for a Astralia x Hello Kitty outfit fatpack, leave your SL username in the comments of this video. We will pick a random winner on Friday and send you the fatpack then. Big thanks for Astralia for her generosity!

Links to topics discussed in this episode:

Astralia’s website:


Hello Kitty #SecondLifeChallenge:…

Lab Gab is a live streaming show hosted by Xiola and Strawberry Linden. Join them on Monday, November 4th at 10AM PT.

Details here:…

Keep an eye on the Second Life blog and social media for future announcements about the show:……

Lab Gab is streamed live on:





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