The World Sailing Show – November 2019

Ahoi sailors!

This America’s Cup nonsense again. 😐 Won’t they ever learn that it’s the most insiginificant regatta on the planet. Not even last time’s more than embarrassing lack of public interest could convince them that the format and the boats are, like, totally wrong for match racing. Unfortunately that’s exactly what the AC is all about: Two sailing multimillionaires having a little duel of the egos – in the form and shape of hired  pros – and the rest of the sailing and racing world has to watch and cheer them on. 😦 And most often the winner is decided in a real world court case, because nautical authorities have given up on this shit long ago.

Such a bad concept. Nothing in common with real sailracing. Anyhoo lookywatchy:

Two more America’s Cup AC75s launched in October. Luna Rossa is unveiled in Sardinia while INEOS Team UK are foiling on the Solent.

Also in Sardinia was the 52 Super Series finale where home team Azzurra look to secure the season title against the high-powered fleet of grand prix monohulls.

We also have all the action from SailGP’s final event of the inaugural season in Marseille, where Team Australia duel rivals team Japan in the final match race.

We also head to Malta for the Middle Sea Race and to Trieste, Italy for the biggest race on the planet, the Barcolana.

Francis Joyon’s IDEC Sport heads to Asia for a series of four challenges, while the winners of the Rolex World Sailor of the Year awards are announced in Bermuda.

And we meet the team behind sailing’s most advanced sustainability laboratory, Energy Observer.

00:48 52 Super Series Finale

06:56 Luna Rossa & INEOS Team UK AC75 Launches

08:25 Energy Observer

11:35 SailGP

16:43 News – Rolex Middle Sea Race, IDEC Sport, Maserati & World Sailor of the Year Awards

19:40 Barcolana




    • No real sailor has any interest in that blown up balloon of self-importance. It’s a parallel universe to real sailracing. Not even the oympic games are a believable representation of modern sailracing. Otoh it must be said that the AC has a long and rich history and we’ve seen some amazing duels in the past 150 years or so. But it never was an inclusive sport, so people usually don’t care about it.
      When I watch multimillionaire footballers I can relate to them. They often come from poor families, often immigrants, and everybody can afford to buy a football and go playing in the park. A sailboat is harder to maintain. particularly if you’re living far off any body of navigable water. But it’s manageable with cheap trailerable standard boats with lots of available spare parts and sails and all kinds of shit and infrastructure. Impossible to keep up with the always changing space age rocket ships they use for the AC. That’s why the public at large lost interest in that shit.
      No time to watch passively when I have my own races to sail on any given weekend. That’s why the AC also failed turning sailing into a TV-able mass media sport. Not even with the modern camera and satellite technology did they get much of public interest.


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