Oh Noes! :o Not Again Pleeeeeeez…

Shit people!

Oh, ummm, didn’t wanna say you guys are shit, but express my mental state of near panic after MiniMax refused to start up this morning after a routine down/up scenario … and did the same just a few minutes ago. No, it was even worserer: MiniMax started up like a champ, everything cool, and when I came back from a wee pee break the screen was  dark. 😮

Dark as in pitch black, ya know. :/

When MiniMax is good he’s very good, when he’s naked he’s very naked

Not even a mouse pointer or any option to shut MiniMax down in any regular way, so I had to use the hardware kill switch on the power supply. Looks like my “good” computer is failing and about to die on us pretty soon. Now I just hectically scrambled the few files I had assembled in this November month and saved ’em on xternal hard drive.

And unplugged the drive!

After what happend last time when the mobo failed and took all the data from the hard drive with it into the abyss, I’m not gonna  take that risk again!

Okay, I’m good and ready now to kiss MiniMax’s ass byebye when it goes down the next time. Just some emergency post for the blog and then Imma gonna watch a bit of YouTube until the shit fails completely. And then …

… I’ve decided I got enough of that shitty mobo, once and for all, ENUFF! I already searched for LGA1150 mobos earlier today but seems all the suppliers are finally out of stock and I’m shit out of luck. So new motherboard and brandnew CPU is in the cards for MiniMax. :/ Shit. I hadn’t planned for that, was happy with MiniMaxen’s performance and speed. No need to buy new shit.

I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’

And now this. 😦

And it’s not as if we didn’t have to pay for other stuff. Oubaas is in the shop right now and also has a major restoration and paintjob lined up. Dat shit will cost us dearly.

Soon to be pretty: Oubaas

Fortunately I’ve got my minismall Lenovos who can take over almost everything from MiniMax,. Particularly the new one, Gagamore, is even a tic faster than MiniMax but lacks a graphics card. So shit for Second Life. But seeing I’m not in world much anyway it will do very nicely as a replacement.

Very good office machines: Gagamore and Gaga

Yah, so … nothing much is gonna change in this bloggy until, until … not quite sure yet. Our plan was to get all the needed new parts during our planned Germany trip in June/July but if he dies on us sooner, like nownow, maybe we have to splurge out for the slightly elevated prices here in Afrika. 😐



    • Haha, I’m the wife of a disabled man, buy/build my computers and cars myself and wonder why you have to buy your wife’s car. Is she a stupid 6 y/o kid without a clue in the world or what? I mean, she’s got a valid drivers licence, no?

      And … oh, I would do something if my PC won’t boot without intervention. That’s shocking! Not supposed to happen. Either install a new OS (preferably Linux) and see if that helps, and/or have the mobo checked for failures. CPU and RAM almost never fail but check the Power Supply, which is the often overlooked main cause for computers developing dementia and autism.

      But before doing anything I’d backup all my data. Preferably not in the cloud but on USB sticks or external hard drives. I did it this morning, am now installing this same Archman Linux on my new mini PC, Gagamore, and am prepared for a sudden death of MiniMax.

      Let the IT-Apocalypse come!


      • LOL all my files are on a 2nd drive, The PC was shipped with Vista, so dementia is highly likely.
        My wife chose the car and found it, I offered to pay as I love her LOL.. Add a Zero after the 6 and your getting closer to her age. I do need to buy a new tower, 3 have broken this year.

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        • Oh oké …
          Vista? You still running that? Micrsosoft dropped Vista support a long time ago. Please do yourself a favour and put Linux on it, as long as some distros still ship as 32-bit versions. The dementia isn’t necessarily caused by your outdated hardware but by the muckin OS.

          Not gonna ask how one breaks three towers in one year but just adding my smug 2 cents by asking harmlessly what exactly did break in those towers? If it’s software caused I might have the solution for you. 😉 And as OrcaBlog reader you obviously know exactly what I will say next. Yes, install an X-based OS on them and see if you can make those towers useful members of your machine park again.

          BTW, Blender is Free and Open Source Software and runs like a champ on Linux systems.


          • The old Vista box is running W10 64 bit, mainly a gaming box. The three towers were all about 12 years old. They all had trouble booting even before they got to an OS. I am trying not to go past 10 years old kit. I have 5 machines running Mint and blender. I like Xfce, not used it since I installed mint.


    • Yes, Karmi, PSU is often overlooked as the source of all evil. Those things are cheap so it’s never a bad idea to swap them out for something better.
      BTW, Max is sporting a Corsair CX750M, so it has enough headroom.


        • Huh? 😮
          The size of my power supply is normal ATX tower power. And I calculated before I attempted the assembly that the requirements are far below 750 Watts. I could’ve gone away with a 500W PSU. And what link please?


          • The mobo was now three times at Gigabyte and they found out it’s faulty and repaired/replaced it every time. The warrantee is over now so I obviously need a new one. But not from Gigabyte anymore but I guess Asus makes ok ones, no?


            • I’ve never had any problems with Gigabyte or Asus, but understand why you would want a change. InWin’s mb is an Asus mini-ITX, and I like the way their BIOS is now – compared to the old 2006 I took out of Antec Sr.

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              • My repair lady told me that particular M-ITX Gigabyte board was very probematic and doesn’t fit nicely in my Coolermaster case. Also that model was already outdated and at the end of life when I bought it. That’s probably why I kinda broke it already when assmbling MiniMax the first time. And it was all downhill after that. :/


          • Yeah, you must’ve edited about same time I replied – I didn’t know PSU was that size. Had also thought max was one of those smaller computers you have. What size is that case – in top pic of max? Yeah, 500W is usually plenty big enough. That link was in the Geek Out post – by Anon-me when not on Chrome…it pointed to Newegg’s power calculator, a handy tool.

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            • I have to edit my posts quite a few times until I can’t find any typoes no more. And that takes its time since I’m the queen of errors. I didn’t know that my fanclub waits with baited breath for every little far I let slip from the blog. Will try to proofread faster the next time.

              MiniMax case:
              It takes a fullsize PSU and GPU. That was important for me. The little Lennies I bought just for fun and giggles and distro-testing. 😉

              I found your link and visited the Newegg page. But I can assure you, my 750W PSU has more than enough power to drive my little humble box.


              • Thanks for the link … was on their mini case page but couldn’t tell which one. Elite 130 & will bookmark it – I like the looks of that case! Roughly 8 x 15.5 x 9.5 and is a better size than that InWin case I have, which is too small for much. $73 case on Newegg, so you have a great case & PSU (No doubt that 750 is more than big enough). Great CPU but needs a 1150 mobo and SA doesn’t have any in the ITX size, plus it costs a small fortune to ship to SA – what a dilemma!

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                • Yeah, fukn hassle trynna find one, and I don’t like to buy such delicate elecronics used from Gumtree or such sites. Well, I built MiniMax in early 2014, I guess a new PC or at least a new Mobo and CPU combo is in order by now. Maybe even a switch to AMD. We’ll find it all in Germany … and for much better prices.


                  • I stay away from used parts also. Depending on your financials, maybe go ahead and build something with easily available parts in SA, and get a replacement mobo when you go to Germany – you deserve two great working computers!

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                    • LOL, yes, I deserve a whole fukn family of great working computers.

                      And I got one!

                      My 2 mini Lenovos work great and never give me any problems. They can both take over from MiniMax in a wink of the eye.

                      About MiniMax’ future we gotta decide later. I guess it won’t be easy to still find LGA1150 boards anywhere, so it’s just the question if I go with a new Intel setup or switch to AMD for the next build. And if I go with M-ITX formfactor again, keeping my old case or go back to normal ATX size for everything.


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