No! But Maybe Yes.

Ohayo early birds.

It’s 5:33 A.M., your editreuse has not only manned the blog bureau but already read and answered some commentaries and is now going on a wild tangent, discussing (hopefully not for too long) GNU/Linux affairs.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a YouTube video. This here:


Of course a video, titled like that, made me go Whoohoo!, Derek knows what’s up. He agrees with me. I’m claiming it since quite a while that Arch, with the right installers and comfy desktop environments, can be used as a beginners’ distro. I, too, wouldn’t hesitate recommending Manjaro for the more techy minded among you as a first distro.


But that was not what Derek was on about. He thinks that as a Linux n00b you’re automatically more interested in computers and want to learn everything about Linux. And that isn’t necessarily true I guess. And he wasn’t talking about some easy peasy Arch derivative but about the real thing! 😮

Lookywatchy the video if you wanna hear his (incomprehensible, sociopathic) reasoning:

Well, in the end we’re coming from opposite directions but ending up with the same conclusion. Only Derek wants you to not have it easy, to install vanilla Arch from the command line, to run run into trubbelz. And then learn to fix your problems. :/

My last day on Windows

I say no! We wanna work, wanna use our computers in a switch on and be awesome manner. I’m just of the meaning that it can be done with an Arch-based OS same as with Linux Mint or Lite. Of course we’ll learn about the intricacies of Linux and particularly of ArchLinux.

My first day on Linux

We learn from experience, we learn in time. We learn from friends and gurus. And some day we’ll be fairly good with that shit, same as we are on Windows and MacOS. That stuff is gonna happen automatically … and naturally.
\o/ YAY! \o/ Every day on ArchLinux! \o/ YAY! \o/

Will we know the system down to the last comma in the command syntax? No, probably  not. Our goal is to avoid typing in many – or any – commands. And it is possible. My personal goal with the Linux portion of this blog is to show you that you can use Linux distros in the same way and the same knowledge level as Windows/MacOS.

Let’s not even talk about the enlightenment level of Mac users. :/

Haha, you know Arch’s slogan: Keep it simple, stupid. Of course the geeks of the ArchLinux development team meant it differently from what you and I may gather from that slogan. Arch isn’t and wasn’t ever supposed to be simple for stupid users but kept simple in its logic and modules, to be a barebones distro without bells and whistles. The original Arch just leaves you with a command prompt on your screen, the rest is up to you. But with passing time and distributions like Manjaro, ArchMan and Namib getting released, with clever installers and fully equipped with all sorts of additional software, the Arch monster became a comfy, soft little pussy.

And we like dat don’t we?



  1. 🙂 Derek Taylor’s video showed up in my YouTube feed; I had a look at it and gasped.

    Even though I am quite capable of finding my way around the terminal in Arch Linux, I am not going to recommend it to a new user.

    As a matter of fact, there are easier ways of installing Arch Linux; for example, there is ArcoLinux and Namib GNU/Linux.

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    • Yes, and that’s what I’m trying to to convince people of, that Arch-derivatives can be installed and operated by human beings. I guess Derek knows it to, but he doesn’t want that. He lives in a world in which only total geeks should operate computers, particularly those of the x-type. :/

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