… And Derek Got His Answer!

Hoohoo peepels,

you remember the story about ArchLinux as beginner’s system? Yes, of course you do, it was the story just before this one. I was honestly contemplating to make this blog entry just an edit of that older one but decided to give it its own space.

So here’s the OldTechBloke’s reply to Derek’s bold statement:

Anyhoo, whatever and fukitall: You know what to do when starting out bright eyed and bushy tailed: Linux Mint. It’s great. And after one or two months, half a year or a full year later you shall branch out and install something funky, like Arch.

Or not, and stick with Mint. It’s great in almost all regards and should be good for you at least until America drops da bomb on ya … and then it doesn’t matter anymore, one way or another. 😼


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