Hello Kitty!

45 fuxn years!!! Can you believe that shit?

Learn more at https://secondlife.com/destination/as….

Celebrate Hello Kitty’s 45th Anniversary with your friends in the Internet’s largest 3D virtual world Second Life!

This official Sanrio event features free gifts, live music, and an interactive immersive game, where players will have fun with their friends in the community. Join the fun with exclusive giveaways, games and much more!


Video courtesy of Astralia. Visit Astraliaworld.com to learn more.

Hello Kitty Sanrio License © 1976, 2019 Sanrio Co, Ltd.

Uh guys, honest now, and I’m almost ashmed to admit it: I know Hello Kitty is some kind of Japanese mascot, and the Sanrio company is behind it. But what the fuk is it??? Sanrio some kind of ramen soup? Or kiddies toyz or what?

Before you ask, yes, I know I can find all the answers to everything on the interwebz but fuk mi if I’m not much too lazy to do the research myself. 😐


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