New Wallpaper

Hello there!

You surely have noticed my beloved self-built main rig, MiniMax, just kräschered a couple days ago – yes, the fukn Gigabyte mobo again – and I had to reinstall the whole system again. And as it always is in such circumstances, the freshly installed Desktop Environment bores us to tears with its standard wallpapers.

So, without further much ado and a quick search of the interwebz I found something fancier. It isn’t pretty in the true meaning of the word but I found this one to be rather funny:


Mhm, that’s an actual snapshot of Orca’s recent workspace. The command syntax isn’t even ArchLinux but Debian/Ubuntu and we don’t need to remove Windows since it’s long gone, and in case of MiniMax was never installed in the first place. But we get the meaning, don’t we?

I hope you’re all adult enough to have banned all Microsoft, Apple, Google products from your machines and tossed them out of your lifes, same as facebook! And you never use Uber or Lyft or Amazon or shop at Walmart … and be super awesome instead. If yes, then you can show such a daring wallpaper on your computer.

Else you’re a mindless American consumer drone and are doomed to be stuck on WinApple with all the other sheeple. Your bad. 😮

Now be an adult, and dare to think different!



    • *** N * U * D * E * L ***
      Long time no see, my pastafarian girlfriend. Didn’t know you’re fluent in Debian code sp33k. Anyhoo, much more important, how iz you and your peepelz doing? Kidz, man, all superdooper? Still in SL sometimes? Getting rich now by selling a generous slice of tastee Greeenland soil to Mr. Drumpf?


  1. “Pastafarian”, – lol. Yes, I do find my way into SL on occasions. It’s still fun. I trust U R more of a regular. What I don’t trust is all those politicians talking about Greenland, It really puts the bad sides of humanity on display.

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