Bitch Wot?

Orca makes a stupid face, eyes and mouth gaping wide open …


Oh Fedora, you old stalwart column of the Linux environment, sexier, community-focused stuntgirl daughter of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). I tried you often, mostly already failed during installation and since I’ve found my two favourites, Mint and ArchLinux, you maybe know how it is – nothing else is good enough anymore and you lose all motivation to even try some bitchy problematic distribution you know exactly you won’t like anyway. :/

But since I’ve heard I haven’t been the only user having trubbelz with Fedora, and it is soooo so so much better and friendlier these days, what do you think? Shall I try it? I mean it would be easy. At least I can give it a trial run. Otoh you and I, we both know exactly I won’t give Fedora a fair chance, won’t see any supposed good points of it. :/

And anyway, did you read that yellow box above? Sorry, but this housewife didn’t understand half of it. What’s  up with those containers? What is that shit? Do I need it when playing in SL, stealing mov… sharing files or blogging? I guess not.

Oh man, the more I think about Fedora the less do I feel like testing it out.

Let’s hear what Tom’s thinking about the lastest Fedora:

And, Tom, puhleez! It’s pronounced G-nome not Nome! Oh, and there we already have a significant deal-killer! Orca, like most adult Linux users don’t like no of the modern, extremely geeky and unfriendly and slow Gnome shit around!

People when I tell you switching to Linux won’t hurt but – quite contrary – make your computing life easier and sexier I really mean it. When I recommend a distro to you it should indeed fulfill at least those requirements and change your computing life to the better! It should be a step up from Windows, not a compromising shitty shit.

With Fedora I can’t guarantee that. Of course try it out, if you’re so inclined. But don’t come whining to me once you’ve ruined your computer with that riff-raff. 😐

I was even too lazy to read the article on It’s FOSS:

Visual changes,very important. :/
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has an opinion too.

Oh ya, and lets not forget as Fedora user you’re also an unpaid RHEL crash test dummy alpha tester. 😮


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