Cinnamon Desktop: Familiar and Intuitive

Mornin’ Sweeties!

Here it is: Tom gives you all the reasons why you shouldn’t use Linux Mint but MUST use it!!! One of the most important reasons be the pretty and practical Cinnamon desktop environment:

Please don’t think Orca’s sending out mixed messages, recommending Mint/Cinnamon but using Arch/Mate herself. My excuse explainification is as simple and straightforward as it is true: You are not me! Or are you? Orca’s not like most people, often she’s fairly below the normal human standard, particularly when it’s about techy stuff. I find computers fascinating but look at them like I watch magic tricks. So of course my path led me in a different direction than that of most computer users. To Linux. And even in the Linux realm I’m in a minority. Because I’m so oldfashioned and already overwhelmed enough.

So, here you go: Install Mint and use it with Cinnamon flavour you must!


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