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Related imageHai Guys!

A question please, if I may: I guess I’m slowly losing patience with my lousy motherboard and since it’s a Socket 1150 for 4th Gen Intel CPUs it’s obviously hard/impossible to get a replacement part for it. At least here in SA. :/

So I’m thinking about a complete swap of CPU and mobo. Logical so far? Okeeee … so here’s my question:

i5What do you, dear readers and blogsufferers, recommend me to buy?

I need a M-ITX mobo; that’s important since I don’t wanna swap the case as well. And keep in  in mind I’m pretty budget oriented. Looking for processing power in the upper i5 echelons but am not married to Intel. I’m hearing AMDs Ryzen chips are more than worthwile alternatives and much cheaperer. I got a still ok-ish graphics card so I don’t need an APU.

MSI B450I GAMING PLUS AC B450 AMD Ryzen Socket AM4 Mini ...As I said, if I wanna buy a Intel I’d take the fastest i5. So what’s the best alternative by AMD? And what AM4 motherboard would you recommend me? AMD chips need superfast RAM? So which 2×8 GB set is best for low budget?

Thanks very much for your friendly expertise.



  1. Build or upgrade your own – – I believe AMD is fast for games, but always seemed slow for desktop duty, just my opinion. What you’re wanting to do will probably run over $400, if all your case wiring is up to date for such an upgrade.

    Here’s a roughly 11.5” X 11.5” X 3.65” Dell for $319 – – maybe Lenovo has a similar deal.

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    • Thank you, Anon. I don’t know if you noticed but my main rig is already self-built and I do indeed attempt to upgrade it myself. That was the whole meaning behind my post. So for Intel should go with the i5-9600 or when going the AMD route, the Ryzen5 3600. Which one must I take? I guess moneywise the AMD.
      And what M-ITX mobo would you recommend? And RAM upgrade from now 8 to 16 GB? Some budget solutions?


      • That UserBenchmark link offers you a price & comparison of processors. You can also test build it there to check if it stays withing budget. Max’s i5-4690 is not a bad processor though and is about $215 you can save by just getting a $112-125 mini-ITX board at Amazon. The ram might even be compatible. Those 1150 boards are plentiful (if that is what’s actually wrong with computer), so perhaps finding an online distributor who delivers to SA. Surely there are some full supply types that deliver to SA.

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        • Yeah, that’s the problem, Amazon don’t deliver in SA. Here we have

          and they are shit compared to Amazon. Anyhoo, just decided the machine will hopefully work until we fly to Germany the next time.There we get everything for Europe’s bestest prices. Maybe even an LGA1150 mobo. Yes, I won’t like to part from my 4690. It was the fastest gen 4 i5 proci and still delivers impeccably. And I’m quite sure it’s the mobo casing the problem. It ws in Gigabyte repair quite a few times already and by now they themselves don’t know anymore what to do with it. They don’t have another LGA1150 board available anymore. At least no ITX. 😦


    • Nice trick my love. But the chances of me going to Norge – in late October! – are slim. I’m a tough cookie but I can’t stand snow n ice. Just send the parts if you may. Thank you. 😉


  2. I actually run the AMD Ryzen 7 2700 8 core processor. with G.Skillz memory 32 GB and I have replaced all my pc parts several times over. I actually just received a class action against AMD today in the mail, so they have been known to be faulty but currently, I have no issues and love the set up. Good Luck

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  3. Good morning ‘Muse‘! 😉 This post ended up inspiring humble me to to spend about 250 Gringo Dollars on some Ryzen™ testing, along with building a ‘makeshift‘ Test Bench that I have wanted for a long time. Anyway, Ryzen™ doesn’t fully support Linux, tho some Distros have worked very well – graphic drivers may end up being the biggest problem for Linux users. At the time, I couldn’t find any mini-ITX boards for Ryzen™ either. Anyway, I covered my problems on a “Ryzen™ ‘Stuff‘” page. Ended up going with the Ryzen™ 5 3400G APU, and it outperforms my ‘Antec Sr.’ Intel 5 6600K…slightly. Uses some Linux graphic driver, so the Radeon™ RX Vega 11 Graphics doesn’t actually get used to its full performance in Linux. Only Graphic drivers from Ryzen™ seem to be for Windows 10…that may all get corrected by Ryzen™ eventually (??). Pay close attention to MoBo’s also … Ryzen™ can be a difficult build, IMHO.

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    • Thx for the heads up, Karmi. Yes, I’ve heard AMD can be shifty when it’s about Linux … but I would so so love to try it out. If you believe all the YouTube computer channels Intel has already lost the war against AMD’s Ryzen, not only price wise but also in performance terms. It seems they aren’t even trying anymore. I wouldn’t chose an APU though, but a regular proci and pair it with a Nividia graphics card.


      • Not true … not sure where those sites get their info, but AMD struggles to keep up with Intel. In fact, these Ryzen™ tests showed that even MoBo and Memory OEM’s don’t focus on updating AMD like they do with Intel – probably slower sales of AMD Ryzen products is one of the reasons. I had to buy a cheaper AMD processor just to update the BIOS for the Ryzen. $60 MoBo plus $40 APU was still $80 cheaper than the $180+ microATX MoBo that come with a Ryzen compatible BIOS.

        To check performance of them – one only needs to check out the UserBenchmark website. That same site also shows GPU performance – most graphic cards are just junk that are no better than CPU/APU onboard graphics. That Ryzen 5 3400G Radeon™ RX Vega 11 Graphics outperforms Intel’s UHD 630 tho, but doesn’t come close to my GeForce 1660 tho, and that 1660 is only ranked #45 @ UserBenchmark (gamers use that site mostly).

        I do like the Ryzen™ tho, and plan to test their faster CPU’s in the future (probably paired with that 1660).

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