The Mandalorian – Official Trailer 2 | Disney+ | Streaming Nov. 12

No! Disney won’t ever be able to save the Star Wars franchise in regards of the big huge movie trilogies. They’ve fuked it up for good, once and for all. And lost their core audience.

Buuuut … who needs a lame Skywalker saga and mostly dead yedis anyways, eh? Let JarJar Abrams finish Epi IX and then nail the lid shut on that shambles. We have more exciting stuff to look forward too, for example this trailer that just came online 1 or 2 hours ago:

“Mandalorian, look outside. They’re waiting for you.”

Watch the brand new trailer for #TheMandalorian, an original Star Wars series. Start streaming Nov. 12, only on #DisneyPlus.

Now this is what Star Wars should have been like all along. No shiny space opera but dirty dusty crusty stories from peripheral planets. Bounty hunting, bad boys, hot girls, weird aliens and a hero that doesn’t make many words …

Honest now, I expect the Mandalorian to be a figure like the early Clint Eastwood. Why talk when your guns can have much more impact? And that is always a good thing, no?

Anyway, this second trailer looks pretty exciting and un-Disneyfied, and the Mandalorian could be like a series made for adult audiences.


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