Ugh :/

Ohayo Awesomites!

Nobody of you lot wondered why Orca wasn’t in world for, like, more than two weeks? That’s why:


Shit! Now I’ve bought not one but two noggins, which I both hate, plus a mesh body I kinda don’t really need since both heads are coming with their own bodies, am totally broke and have a helluva lotta work on my plate, trying to make Orca representable again. 😦

Deep-Fried America on a Stick | VICE United Kingdom amazing set of portraits from the Wisconsin State Fair.

So, I guess for today I give up. Maybe I can bring up enough patience to work on myself for, like, at least 10 minutes … tomorrow. Oh jeebuz I hate that shit!

Okay, at least I’m still looking better than those supermodels around me here …



“Magnum Photos Instagram takeover with Bruce Gilden. (USA. Las Vegas, Nevada. 2014. Amber, an…”



    • I used to like her too, as one of the last resilient, outdated, old-tek, legacy avies. But now, after joining the young and hip in-crowd and wasting about 13000 Linden woolongs – and a new skin and all new clothes still to buy – I like her less and less. 😦
      So we meet again, Spiral of Doom, old foe. :/

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