Meaniepoofaces Everywhere!

Frens, we’re under attack!

By patent trolls.

And not just Linux, not just Gnome, not just Shotwell. The whole FOSS community and culture is being blackmailed. That’s why the Gnome foundation won’t settle this time – but fight back!

No idea what Orca’s babbling about? As always: Watch widdioh and clue up:

Yeah, as I said: Meaniepoofaces don’t care about shit, just wanna get the moolah. 😮

Oh yes, I know I know, and I don’t like Gnome either. Not anymore*. But they are a huge part of the GNU/Linux and FOSS community and we should stand shoulder to shoulder with them and countersue the patent troll.

Guys, I’m broke as always, and I know most of you aren’t millionaires either but there are other ways than just sending a couple Woolongs to help the Gnome foundation’s case. For example by spreading the word via your blog or YT channel if you got one. I mean it’s a real meaniepooface move, trying to shake down a community of well-meaning volunteer workers.

This cannot stand! This must not stand! This must go away!






*: We don’t like Gnome 3.xx, or Gnome Shell as it’s called these days. But let’s not forget Orca’s fave desktop Mate, and your favourite Cinnamon are Gnome environments as well. Forked from Gnome 2 and 3 but still real Gnome-ish desktops. That’s why we can’t stand aside.



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