Dragora Linux: Orca’s Not Amused

I love Linux! No, really I do. But some distros make me angry. For example something like this here:

Don’t read the article if you wanna stay sane!

Jack M. Germain reveals Dragora’s nature already in the title of his surely very good review of a sick distro. What are we taking away from it?

Who even are “we”? And what can “we” learn from Dragora? Let’s clear up some facts/convictions/assumptions first, coz I could be, like, totally wrong. But I assume the majority of Thar She Blows! readers are hardcore Second Life residents, and female. Ok? I also assume that most of you awesome bishies are still suffering under Microsoft’s and Apple’s yoke, often without even knowing that you’re not happy but, because you’re awesome, you’re open for and curious about new shit.

Yeah? Awesome!

That’s why I made it my mission to save as many of  you awesomites as possible from the capitalist operating systems that wanna enslave you, day by day a bit more. And I wanna convince you to come over to the light side and join the Linux community. I know most of you are not geeky, and trust me I’m not either. So I know the switch from MS/Apple to some GNU/Linux distribution should be as easy-peasy, simple and as fast as possible. Oh, and it shouldn’t hurt the least little bit. We want your first babysteps in Linux to be already enjoyable and not being you constantly crashing and not even getting the most simple shit done.

You’re very welcome here!

Guess what? It is possible. Linux in 2019 is very mature and absolutely ready for the mainstream. I even dare saying it is much easier and less complicated than Windows can ever be. You know how to use a keyboard, mouse and/or touchpad – you’re good to work in Linux … in some Linux distributions. Not all, mind you!

And Dragora is obviously one of those distros that still refuse to go with the times but – quite the contrary – will make it hard for you. It’s obviously a distro for geeks and nerds, for the computing elite, for code monkeys, for command line users. Hey, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing and you can see Orcsi hacking in her terminal quite often. But that’s another thing, very personal and has nothing to do with this rant.


Because once you’ve made yourself a comfy home in Linux it’s cool to branch out, try other distros, other desktops and window managers, typing commands in the terminal rather than clicking around with your mouse. But that’s not what you need right now! And that’s why distros like Dragora make me angry. They are detrimental for Linux getting more users, they actually harm Linux on its way to desktop world domination. :/

Hey guys, don’t get me wrong please. I don’t wanna hold you back, don’t wanna hold anyone back. But I’m talking mostly to absolute Linux n00bs here, yes? And I don’t want their first contact with Linux to be Dragora of all the Linuxes out there. 😦

Dragora isn’t alone, far from. There are more than enough expert distros out there, truly more than enough complicated Chinese finger traps for the masochists in Linux t-shirts. That’s not for us! And I don’t wanna see or hear anything about a distro such as Dragora on any of the websites I frequent!

So basta!



  1. LOL I dont fit your reader profile. Admission – never played second l.ife- I like your Linux posts and love your Van. I have noticed that blender 3d software can be used with second life, which may distract me enough to give it a go.

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    • Blender isn’t really SL, isn’t it? In the od times we used to build stuff inworld, with prims we kneaded in shape and glued together. The results were mostly clunky prim-heavy builds with not much elegance or beauty. But at least we built them by ourselves. In sandboxes.

      Nowadays people use complex off-world softwares like Bender or that Google Sketchup stuff to make the most fantastic and realistic and unlaggy fashion, cars, boats, planes, choppers and houses. But it happens offline, and they upload the results later into SL. There’s a lot of the oldstyle immediency gone and lost forever. There’s only a few, a little elite of artesans building stuff for the rest of us. Gone are the days were everybody cold just build stuff, open a shop in SL and sell their shit.

      Of course the quality is so much better these days but the play factor and the fun is gone.


  2. Orca, I agree with you. I installed Dragora in a Virtual Machine to test it out, since I had also tested Trisquel GNU/Linux, which are both distributions with a Linux-libre Kernel, endorsed by the Free Software Foundation. Trisquel was very user friendly. The only problem I found was bad video support, since the drivers are only open source. For a new Linux user, that’s not good at all. When I tested Dragora, I did NOT find, at the very least, a Graphical Package Manager. That was the end of my test. I was seeking for a Linux-libre distribution as friendly as Trisquel, but light weight for very old computers, but Dragora was NOT it.

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    • Mhm, that’s exacty what I meant, Tom. In order to get the masses of housewives to join the Linux movement we shoud at least suply them with GUIs. Nobody wants to see a stupid dark terminal in 2019. Also nobody cares about free kernels and foss altogether. Shit’s gotta work. And it must be easy.
      Wih Trisquel and Dragora I can’t lure anybody over to the Linux side.

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    • Yes again!
      And the best thing about Mint is that it isn’t even made particularly for the new users but is just a clever alround distribution for everybody. But so is Windows … and MacOS. We all had to learn – often the hard way – how to use them. Now Mint isn’t hard to get at all. It just doesn’t take you by the hand and watches over you like a nanny when you use it. You’re on your own … and have forums and wikis and websites and YT tutorials …

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