Tom Marrero-Ortiz …

… is a long-term Orcablog reader and Linux fan from Puerto Rico. He’s also a blogger himself and blogs about Linux stuff in Spanish. Since I don’t speak Spanish I can’t say much more about his blog or contribute to it with any comments n stuff. It’s a bit of a shame since I guess Tom surely makes good points about the software and hardware he uses.

And look what recently caught my eye when he blogged about one of his laptops

WHOA! A Tux where usually the stupid Windows key is! Fantastic eye for details, Tom. You made that sticker yourself? Or did your Acer already come with Linux Mint (what else?)* pre-installed? Hard to believe since Acer is one of the real hardcore Microsoft minions and doesn’t like Linux installed on their machines.

Anyhoo, one of you dear readers speako el Espanol and can translate that story please? Or … even better: Tom, we know you speak English, please tell us about your Acer schlepptop.

Muchas gracias y vamos a la playa 🙂



* See, l told you  more than once about overly complex Ubuntu and why clever Linux users prefer the hassle-free Minty goodness over fuxn Ubu. =^.^=



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