Second Life’s Lab Gab with Xiola and Strawberry – Episode 5 – The Return of Spooky Second Life

Aloha Awesomes!

Already the fifth episode of Lab Gab with Xiola and Berry, and from what I gather after, umm, 2 minutes in, they are getting better and betterer. Particularly Xiola makes a very lifely impression while Berry is clearly the more reserved typical co-hostess of the fun duo. But, hey, don’t read my boring shit but lookywatchy:

To enter the giveaway, take a picture at a haunted destination in Second Life, share it on your social media and then share the link to the image along with your Second Life username in the comments of this video. If you share your image link, we’ll send you a Limited Edition Lab Gab Halloween mug after Halloween. Happy Halloween!

Links to topics discussed in this episode:

Blogger Network:…

Blogger Network Signup:…

Haunted Submissions on Destination Guide:…

Creepy Crawl:…

Swaginator Hunt:…

The Cadence Manor:…

Nostalgia Falls:…

Lab Gab is a live streaming show hosted by Xiola and Strawberry Linden. Join them on Wednesday, October 23rd at 3pm PT.

Details here:…

Keep an eye on the Second Life blog and social media for future announcements about the show:……

Lab Gab is streamed live on:




Oh, did any of you guys notice what a cute couple Xiola and Strawberry make?

So how ’bout some steamy girl on girl action in the next episode?


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