Hard Negotiations in Sochi Have Yielded Results! Erdogan Agrees to DMZ Zone Along Syrian Border!

Hey, nobody say Russians are bloodthursty thugs. Quite contrary: Putin is a fukn angel of heavenly peace. Looky here:

NATO member Turkey is held at bay, fukn stupid Kurds and Syria are saved, Americans are gone, the world is a better, more secure place now.

Ankara shares Moscow’s approach to the territorial integrity of Syria. This was announced today by Vladimir Putin following the talks with the president of Turkey, which lasted about seven hours, first in the presence of the delegation, and then in private. According to the Russian president, Syria needs to be freed from illegal, foreign presence, as the peaceful settlement process should continue there. Putin emphasized that Recep Erdogan explained to him in detail the objectives of the Turkish military operation in the north of the country.


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