So You …

Sunny afternoon campers,

so you went for the number 1, for Ubuntu, for more stability and to have not to deal with the dangers of multiple daily updates, ya? Because shitty shit like Arch “toy OS” is only for the young and reckless, for irresponsible stunt-housewives. Did I interprete your actions kinda correctly?

Well, ok. Fine then. 😉

“Update errors are common and plenty in Ubuntu …”

Oh, oopsy! 😮 Right?

Not only are update errors common and plenty but obviously you gotta deal with them. Like, right away or sumfink? So you better read up to understand “the things” better.

Know what I’m doing on my ArchLinux system when some update says pheew, and dies before completion? I just ignore it and try again the next day or whenever the next update comes through. Or I do nothing and just wait a couple days. For usually one of the genius freaks upstream gets enough complaints by users, or they notice themselves, and they’ll fix it.

What did I say “usually”?

I mean ALWAYS!

And the update will complete without any hiccups on the users’ end. And anyhoo, this  might have happened once or twice in my career on ArchLinux, and it was never critical in a way that the whole system exploded or sumfink. Was all small fry that got corrected in time. Nothing to loose my cool over.

“But Orca” I hear you reasoning “I’m busy writing the Novel of the 21st Century, I need a totally reliable OS and I can’t afford trusting in ArchLinux. I need a nuccular bomb proof Linux, like Debian or Ubuntu!”

Hello? Didn’t you hear (read) a single word from this post? ArchLinux is at least as secure as fuxn Ubu! If you want more, there’s always MX, antiX or other Debian-based distros. They are save since they kinda NEVER update. Have fun with those rancid things, granny.



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