MX Linux 19 is out !

Ja, hm …

Okay, say what you want. I know Debian is a good stable choice and kinda the bestest, most stable workhorse you could wish for and ladidadidah. It’s also as exciting as a cuppa tea and an afternoon nap and delightful as a visit to your semi-deaf grandma. I’m still maintaining my position that you won’t need MX Debian for anything outside of running a server farm on the internet. We young people and stuntgurlz of the Linux community, we stay hip and trendy with our ArchLinux derivatives! So, BASTA!

Here, legendary LinuxTuber runwiththedolphin sounds also very very excited about the new MX version …

Did my duty and spread the word.

Can we go back to more fun stuff now, please?


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