… and One More Linux

Oh my.


Hey, of course I can totally understand project Trident’s frustration with the BSD base and its slow development. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit, right? So welcome Trident guys to the spunky and fast moving world of Linux.

Otoh I gotta play the Karmi here and ask what cool things will Trident bring to the already splenduously overfilled table of Linux distros? How can you spoil us even more, what makes Trident so special?

No, thanks, we really don’t need the umpteenth Ubuntu fork with an outdated Xfce desktop environment. And Plasma 5.xxx? Fuk off, will ya? See, that is always the question those wildly creative nerds forget to ask themselves, some doubt that never crosses their sensory deprived minds: If you can do it, should you do it?

Trident’s new direction doesn’t reflect on DistroWatch yet:

Freaky nonsense distro?

Guys, now you should know how good it is to have an Orca in your Live. And I’m not even talking about the whale … that would be awesome beyond believe. 🙂 No, I mean that humble little impatient and remarkably unnerdy girl lady woman with her penchant for Linux operating systems. I filter the shit out for you and give you a very narrow bandwith of choices regarding your new system. Pff, not even a bandwith worth speaking of. I actually give you the choice of Linux Mint and … and nothing else, really. 🙂

Why do you read about Orca’s favourite ArchLinux all the time, doesn’t she recommend that as well? Yes, I do but as a progression for the experimental playkiddies among you, not as an alternative to Mint as your first distro.

Of course you’re free to install roundabout 67 fantastillion other Linuxes on your poor hardware. It’s your life, your decision, your responsibility, your thing. Go ahead, do it! We can even stay friends after you veered off the path I’ve laid out for you. But don’t expect any tech help or mental empathy from me if you run into trubbelz with your highly ineffective freak system.

Mint/Cinnamon is the winning team for most Linux users. Because it truly is awesome. Basta!



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