A Linux Micro Laptop … that Games?

Just found this tidbit on OMG! Ubuntu!

We test Linux on the GPD Micro PC using Ubuntu MATE 19.10, which officially provides support for this 6-inch laptop in this short review.

We touch on the Micro PC’s keyboard and screen size as well as its unique ports and Linux gaming potential.

If you want to see more Linux hardware reviews on this channel, hit that subscribe button or leave a comment below! For more detail on this device do check out the full omg! ubuntu! review over on the website: https://omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/08/gpd-m… where we comment on its performance (it’s powered by an Intel Celeron N4100) and its battery life. For more details on the GPD MicroPC check out https://gpd.hk

This thing comes with Ubu 19.10 so it’s pretty recent, which is good, right? Otoh I guess the hardware is of the weaker and slower type, and it doesn’t feature a touchscreen. Far as I know that is – for whatever reason – really a thing with all you youngsters. But at least it’s able to play some Linux games or stuff.

Without having ever played with it myself I guess those GPD minis, I’ve already bloged about in the past, are perfect for specific usage cases. I wouldn’t ever replace my real laptop with it but for purely mobile use they are perfect. Do some blogging in the train/plane/bus, play some games, pass the time. If it’s worth 400 American woolongs everybody must decide for themselves.

I find these things very nifty and wouldn’t mind finding one in my travel bag. But I’d never shell out the money for it on my own.

But here is another factor, that may be of interest for Linux n00bies: Stuff comes with the latest Ubu pre-installed, so there you have your *first Linux distro right away, hassle free and ready to go. Just switch on and whoohoo!

* Let’s not fight about using Ubuntu as first distro, please. I find it terrible. But millions of new users know nothing else so it seems to work somehow.



    • “Which Arch is a rolling distro?”

      They all are rolling, Neil, they all are!
      It’s in Arch’s nature. No point releases. Install once and roll into eternity!

      And I’ll tell you something. I’m now on the real thing ArchLinux, geting my updates directly from Arch upstream without any flters and other methods of making it less brutal between Arch and my computer. Andf it’s not so bad. It’s 11:06 A.M. now and i only got one or two rather small updates till now. Not even a minute for each. So even if I dont care about my mchine for the whole day, tomorrow’s update won’t be too big neither.

      Although I would start my computer at least once a week. 😉

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