Introducing…The SL Spoon

Whoa, now I’ve seen it all! 😮
Look at Kess Crystal’s story about … about … excuse me for a moment (/me’s RFLOLing onthe floor, coming back) … ahem, were was I?
Uh, yes, Kess blogged about an SL Food Blog.

Yes, you heard me: FOOD! in SECOND LIFE! BLOG! ABOUT IT!

You don’t just walk into Mordor, And you can’t miss this neither. 🙂


the glamour sauce

Who doesn’t like Second Life food? There is something that completes a house or room in Second Life about a plate of food and we’re lucky that there is a huge amount of variety and styles of food out there. You can also have as much as you like without putting on a single ounce! If only it were true in real life!

Knowing where to shop to get the best can be a challenge though unless you become a member of the groups or follow social media closely for the brand you enjoy the most then it’s easy to miss great releases from your favourite stores.

That’s where the new blog The SL Spoon (TSS) comes in!

Vespertine – Apple Pie & Plums // Bread

Now, full disclosure, this blog is the brainchild of my super talented partner Mac Massimo and he’s already creating quite a buzz after just a couple of posts. He’s Italian so food…

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