All the *buntus

… have been released now.

The second and last bunch for 2019 is waiting for your friendly downloads now!

Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Xubuntu were released yesterday, Ubuntu MATE and Kubuntu followed suit today. I guess that covers pretty much all flavours of the orginal distro, Ubuntu-based forks are released on the respective maintainer’s own discretion.

I don’t like Ubuntu, no, not at all. But please, if you n00bs insist, do as everybody else does and get that shit. It’s better you’re on some sort of *buntu than not on Linux at all. But please, do yourself a favour and install a better Ubuntu: Linux Mint is the right stuff for nearly everybody. And it comes with the pretty Cinnamon desktop environment as standard issue! Canonical, the company in charge of Ubuntu, is so insulted and pissed off about Mint’s huge success, they’d never use Mint’s homegrown desktop on any of their own flavours. =^.^=



  1. 🙂 In the past, I used to get all excited about the releases of all of the flavours of Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu MATE has maintained its standard.

    Anyway, when one is spoiled rotten by rolling releases like Manjaro Linux and Solus, they find it rather hard to go back to using Ubuntu and its derivatives.

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    • Exactly Renard. Only I never had a romantic relationship with Ubuntu and never was excited about it. Excitement set in when I discovered Manjaro. But yes, I consider Mate the bestest DE for us older folks and traditionalists. Even on Ubuntu. 😉

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