Second Life Destinations – Haunted Experiences

/me shivers … Brrrrr

Draxtor went really creepy with this one:

Learn more at…

Come see all the spooky spots in Second Life. Experience haunted attractions where ghosts, goblins and other scary surprises lurk around every dark corner.

Not familiar with Second Life? Discover incredible experiences, fascinating people, and vibrant communities in this vast virtual world created by people just like you.

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Video Production: Draxtor Despres

Masks and avatars: Walton Wainwright

Haunted experiences: Lauren Bentham

Lauren Bentham? That’s a figure from the unsavoury past, no? Hated by the “official” SL Sailing Community for  hanging out with the evil Tasha Kostolany and all the fugly intrigues againt them. Good to see she’s still around.

And then there’s also this shit:

Four exclusive Halloween decorations have been scattered across the Bellisseria continent. The hunt runs through the month of October, pick up your HUD at Meauxle Bureaux. Happy hunting!

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