If You Truly Must Know

Ya ya, okyyy, if you insist I’ll let you know that Ubu 19.10 is out. And it’s great, so they say. And offers lots of new stuff or so. Pfff, bitch please. Check in with ArchLinux if you wanna see real new shit! But what kind of Linux blog would I be if I’d not be telling you that, like every six month, a new version of the world’s mostest famoustest Linux distribution is available. Ubuntu 19.10, codename Erwin Hermione or so.

So, here:

Not on my hardware!

This bitch has standards.



  1. 🙂 Ubuntu was the first distribution of Linux that I ever used.

    Most Linux users that I know started using Ubuntu or an Ubuntu-based distro (They later transitioned to other distros like OpenSUSE and ArchLinux).

    Personally, I am happy when someone gives up Windows for Linux.

    Therefore, it is okay if people start off with Ubuntu.

    Also, if a person is truly satisfied with Ubuntu, I would still be happy for them.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Orca.

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    • I was about to download/install/Ubuntu as my first Linux system, but thought better look aroud what else is there. So 3 minutes later I stumbled upon Mint and read it’s like a better version of Ubuntu. So I installed that instead. I always take the road less travelled. Well, only a few weeks later I’m asking in a Second Life Linux group since I have some problems and the girl about to become my personal guru for the next couple years just says: “Get away from that *buntu shit, you fool!”
      She told me to install Manjaro. And that was the start of my Arch career.

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