Good News Everybody!

Syrians in a hurry to fill the gap before the Turkish NATO troops start their invasion.

American troops leaving the battleground, Syrian Army in a hurry to move in. Now there’s a chance for peace? Beware! Turkey is a NATO gang member, so defending your own  country – and your other ally, the Kurds – against NATO could be seen as a hostile act. 😮

War = Profit! The killing must go on!

And here is what a really clever man thinks about the whole slowly unfolding glorious trainwreck:

The Kurds aren’t so bad afterall.

Here’s what a not-so-clever Orca thinks: The USA in their neverending attempts to create unrest and war around the globe (sorry flatearthers, there seems to be he common believe that our earth is indeed ball- or at least potato-shaped ) have created ISIS to a) get rid of Assad, b) get the pressure up on Russia. As we’ve seen now in the process, the plan backfired dramatically and their terrorist allies are doing their own thing and giving a fuk about America. So they even had to change the nomenclature which made “moderate rebel groups” out of former “terrorists” and enemies of the Western World, such Al-Qaeda.

And it still didn’t help. The Russians didn’t just join the fight against ISIS but became the leading force in helping the Syrian army.  And that despite numerous little and bigger interferences by their American “allies”.

America loses friends and allies now very quickly. But on the other hand the military industrial complex rakes in the millions of Woolongs. And they couldn’t care less about Trump’s politics or if the USA wins or loses on the battlefield. As long as the money comes floating in their world is fine.

Long live America!

Military vs President. What kind of 3rd world country does that? Hat tip: It’s not Syria. These Kurdish fighters love their president Assad, and Assad is quick to help them defending their territory against the fukn Turkeys.
But the Syrians are still good friends to the Kurds.
No fear, that’s not actual footage. Syria ain’t a second Vietnam … yet. 😉
R SyriaStunsWolrd
The true Criminal Offenders!!!!
FR Raqqa
Wait! Aren’t the Turkish America’s bestest buddy right now and in the civilized NATO?

And does this look as if the Kurds are letting themselves led into the slaughterhouse by the USA?

FR Manbij
Know now why I titled this post Good News?

“Servicemen of the US Armed Forces have abandoned their bases in the area of Dadat, northwest of Manbij, and Umm Miyal, leaving for the border between Syria and Iraq. Currently, Dadat and Umm Miyal are held by the Syrian government forces,” the statement read.

People of Manbij: “Yay, we wanna be ‘butchered’ by Assad! We’ve had enough of ‘freedom and democracy’!”

Ok, so much for Syria and the state of the world from today’s perspective. Weird eh, how all the big systematic fights are always fought in small countries of no consequence. In the end the whole war has found a whole new, different end game. Now it’s on Trump to let the Turks grab their three sandkorns from Syrian soil and kill the last surviving Kurds, without repremanation, so Erdogan will maybe cancel the missile deal with Russia. See, in the end it’s all about business. 😦



  1. It’s interesting that Putin had snuggled up to Turkey with anti defense missiles, but may find himself facing those missiles as he is defending Syria as Turkey wages war in Syria. Talk about confusing.

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      • Zacly Madi, exactly. Of course Trump runs into problems in his own country since all the hawks don’t wanna pull out. Rest of the world is just asking themselves how and why there are American troops in Syria in the first place. Nobody invited them, contrary to the Russians who are obviously more than welcome and a trusted partner in the fight against ISIS. And they won’t “oopsy accidently” open fire on allied Syrian troops. In Syria! FFS!


    • Yeah, Syria is one of the more confusing and confused conflicts lately. Turkey uses any chance to attack the Kurds, since they have the NATO behind them now, Russia knows that nobody would be stupid enough to mess with them, Syria is just happy to slowly get the upper hand in the fight against ISIS and USA/UK with Russia and Iran having its back. And America … well, they are in permanent election mode and competency infights. Nobody knows what they gonna do next, which makes her the most irresponsible and untrustworthy “ally” ever.
      It all goes according to plan … just depends on who’s plan. Trump’s, the military’s or the industrial military complex’s?


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