Don’t Worry. Don’t!

Read the article and watch the interview with Steven Vaughan-Nichols.

Tiny little Orcsi said it since months already but the Linux community don’t listen, do they? Yes, Microsoft is buying its way into all kinds of Linux orgas and businesses. And their intentions are obvious and not very nice. “Embrace, extend, and extinguish” anyone? Pfff, no worries.

Here’s the truth of the matter: Yes, Microsoft wants to profit from Linux. And, yes, Microsoft wants to extend and control Linux. Guess what? Everyone does, and none of them can.

All this business and power struggle stuff won’t touch us desktop Linux users the least little bit. I mean, how many are we, 2 – 3, maybe 3.5%? In no way any number Microsoft cares about one way or another. We just don’t count. MS has totally different goals and plans for Linux. Plans that don’t involve your distro’s devs and maintainers. Neither do they include you and your silly laptop. Mint, Manjaro, Debian, Archman et al. are all independent hobbyists, who make use of the free and open source Linux code.

And that, dear friends, will stay free and open source for eternity!



    • Si! Exactly, Tom. You and me, we can’t recode the kernel by ourselves (at least I can’t) but we mustn’t worry. Even if Linus and his Kernel group get sucked in by the industry, the source code will always stay free and open source. And we have enough awesomely clever people in the community to take the worst shit out of the code if it becomes too much of an industry tool.

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