My Friend the Tree is Dead. :(

He was dieded yesterday, while I was busy setting up MiniMax on Archman Linux. So maybe you can imagine me running back and forth between tree and computer, snapping some last photos of the dramatic incident. Anyway, it was grand old tree, I guess highest in our complex and when we moved in here in 2002, our old neighbour came over and told us her hubby had planted the tree when they moved in here when all was freshly built. That was in 1983. And she told us we must take care of that tree and have nothing bad happening to it. :/

Still alive, majestic and much larger than his co-trees.

Well, she moved into an old people’s home and the fukn tree became a problem tree with his very expansive root system crouching into all our gardens and slowly destroying fences and walls. So of course the trustees decided in one of their top secret meetings that this particular tree had to die. And yesterday the lumberjacks had their field day. 😦

Anyhoo, his end was as ignoble as it was sad. :.(


And he looks like shit now.

Anyways, here’s some nostalgic feely touchy deutscher schlager kitsch  in the fukn tree’s honour …



    • No, I don’t think they’ll be back. Like 2 or 3 years ago they cut down another tree right besides our home and the stump is still there today. Nice for the kiddies to play on.
      And seedbombing building lots? Neil, our suburb is in the middle of a friggin boomtown, Africa’s fastest growing suburban area. You see an empty building lot one day, two weeks later, voila, 120 new homes. No seed can grow fast enough to survive the building process. But all the progress also has its good sides, many many shopping malls, gas stations. restaurants, services and … whoohoo, we’re on fiber! Customers in hi tec Germany can only dream of that.

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