New Viewer and New Head

Okayyy, me did it. Gotz meself the funky LeLutka Chloe bento mesh noggin and installed the latest Singularity alpha viewer 7883 directly from the AUR. Isn’t Arch the bestest Linux distro everrr? Yes, it is! But I digress. Where were we? Uh, yes, new potatoe on my neck. Let’s look at it/me:


This is the final version Chloe. Looks kinda different from her demo, doesn’t she? Fuller, less bitchy, more manageable. Really looking forward to kneading her into my dreamself or so. But for that I must dig thru 3 million very confusing menu items first.

See that shit? Træppy said it’s simpler than my Genus bento head menu. :/

And then I gotta add the Matreya body and then find out if the new Singu Alpha (for 64-bit Linux) already finally suports BoM. I guess not, is prolly just an interim release. No word in Singu blog, no mention in Inara’s blog. :/


Seems me gotta deal with stupid Firefuck viewer for a while longer. Dunno what’s wrong with the Singu team, do they have personal  and personnel issues again?


Anyhoo, enougn of SL shit for now. I only have so much patience for playing with pixel dolls. :/

Yes, that’s approximately the realistic size of a male dick and the amount of my patience. 🙂






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