Hello from Archman! :)

\o/ YAY! \o/

I’m done … almost completely. Just some little cleanups here and there – and just to satisfy my OCD – and the rest is absolutely ready for action. To be honest I’m playing already since some hours with the system and making it even more comfy.

Search engines, bookmarks, two SL viewers, Nvidia graphics driver … it’s all there!

Firefox and Singularity with OhOrca Oh happy on Archman.

What you mean “Looks, exactly like before”, eh? Jeez, girl, that’s the whole purpose of the exercise. Looks even the same as in Linux Mint, or Debian or Ubuntu Mate or whatever. Just because one swaps out operating systems doesn’t mean one has to change their whole lifestyle.

It’s all cool. Very very cool. 🙂



    • Mhm. /me nods Makes things easier, Neil. I mean no, I collect and work with them on my computer, and once a week I shovel, everything over to an extenal platter. Movies and music are always external since it’s easy to watch/listen to them from there. Anyhoo, no cloud solutions for hubby and me, not even Linux cloud or something weird like that. ‘Keep it simple!’ is our motto!

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