Moar Noggins

LeLutka demos I got yesterday evening:

Completely unmodded, except Simone, who I gave a darker lips applier because else she’d look exactly like Chloe, I find them all too sweet, cute and innocent. Not kawaii, because only Japanese can do kawaii! But the sticky side of sweet, that’ll make you throw up after a certain time. Anyway, Vera, Aida and Piper are just weak bishies. A true Orca needs more mischivieous character and a tad non-prettyness and sparkly, pinching eyes. I still love Chloe – lower row, left side – which hubby didn’t like at all when he saw my last blog entry.

I think she looks just like a hard-hitting blogger who’s banned from all American news networks and hangs out in the press club drunk and washed out much too often and makes a spectacle out of herself while some stupid young reporters are still looking up to her.

But when the right story arrives you’ll find her on the frontline in Ukraine or amidst a bomb shelling in Yemen. And she’ll be reporting for RT, and be called a foreign agent by American 3-letter departments. 😮

Haha, a sure sign this tough customer is absolutely the right head for me. 😉

Anywayyyyy, off to the gym now …



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