We Love England!

We really do, don’t we?

The Political Correctness is strong in Sheffield’s Student Union. Mhm. 😉

I  guess banning Whities is not racist, because white isn’t a race but the definition of the actual default human. Right?

Everybody thinks Motoko Kusanagi is a Japanese woman/cyborg, for Japanese anime artists she’s just a ‘default human’. And are Japanese not white?

And fellow whities, how can anyone just say you’re not allowed because you’re white? Do they know your true ancestry? I am the white posterchild, formerly blonde (now fast turning grey-ish an elegant shiny silver), and in summer I become first red before getting brown but was born with curly black hairs and in my genes I carry millenia of Palestinian ancestors. I’ve heard nearly every white European is at least 1/3 Ashkenazi Jew and 2/3 the result of wild mix n match cross-fuckery.

Meghan might attend the Sheffield SU meeting, Harry not. 😐

But I don’t even wanna know what would happen if one of us blankies would call the Sheffield SU out for discrimination based on skin colour. 😮 Beauty is more than skin deep.



    • You English, Neil? Rest assured, apart from your fast revolving MPs and your adorable pub culture and the best music on the planet you “island apes” aren’t much different from us mainlanders. I guess that shit they put into America’s tap water has found its way across the big dipper and now everybody’s turning into politically correct SJW snowflakes with no sense for reasonable politics. 😐
      Enjoy the autumn weather and the looming brexit and the refugee crisis and the loss of human rights. 😮
      Hubby and me, we read the news and every day we’re super happy to have gotten out of that shithouse that once was the mighty and fine EU just in time.


        • A bit? More like the neverending story. 🙂

          In the beginning I thought how stupid those Britz must be, but by now I’m convinced the fukn EU does more bad than good and everybody should leave. Run don’t walk out of the EU!

          Don’t get me wrong,I’m a European thru and thru, love the togetherness and strength in numbers, to counter the USA and Russo/Chinese influence blocks. I love the unhindered freedom to move, work and settle everywhere in the Schengen area and the flow of goods. But Brussels made a shamble out of our good old Europe, a beaurocratic catastrophe.

          Anyhoo, we’re sitting here at the Cape, watching from afar, slightly annoyed but mostly smiling and happy we got out in time.


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