Shit! :(

Now I logged in just an hour ago, wanted to get another Genus mesh head – you know, one with a nicer nose – but Genus Headquarter sim is offline. 😮 And not just for a couple minutes, as it’s normal during scheduled SL restarts but it was offline the whole time I was inworld. :/ Those dummies could’ve made a cool 5500 Woolongs. But please, if they don’t want, pff, I can wait.


So I rezzed the fancy Meshworx glass cube as my temporary headquarter and just to have sumfink nice on my new parcel. And, wow, it’s really so much easier to rez/build shit on a flat green than on a slope.

Anyhoo, gonna try later to get another noggin and to figger out how to apply my fave Skinnery skin to my body/head combo without stupid appliers.



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