Now I’ve Truly Seen it All

SWB AQUAPLANE SKI BOAT - and water skisOk, couple thousand years ago Surfwidow Beaumont (anyone remember the always inventive SWB?) made a powerboat that could tow a wasterskier. Theoretically. In praxis it didn’t work longer than just a couple seconds before the whole small fleet, boat, skipper, waterskis, towing line and the unlucky skier burst into a heap of giggling avies and some helplessly crashing maritime artefacts.

Surfwidow Beaumont

Then, some centennials later my friend Anu got me a lawnmower with extensions. Nice idea again but also didn’t really work out.

There is no lawn in Triumphal. Yes, no, not anymore! 🙂
Second try didn’t go any better. :/

And that was the end of it.

Or so I thought.

But no, with the much more stable grid of modern days, some brave soul obviously had to try it again …


Just half an hour ago, look  what passed by my parcel! A Landy towing a small caravan. Cool, so cool. But very, very slow … and at the next sim xing the whole setup exploded disassembled into a million tiny parts. 😮

No, not really. Just the caravan unhinged and passed the towing vehicle, which then drove directly into a ditch! 😮 Hmm, the whole towing concept hasn’t really matured by now, obviously. And it all happend so quickly, I didn’t have my camera ready for snapshots. :/

I guess I’ll stick with my campers and RVs for holiday roadtrips. It’s safer more safe. 😉


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