Linux Mint — A Mighty Distro

linux-mint-logoVery well written blog post by Renard. I thought I had to repost it so you guys don’t think I’m the only fan of the Minty Goodness.
It’s not the most shiny, neither most modern and up to date Linux distro. But it’s a truly made for human users, complete system. That’s why you’ll love it too. This Shit just works:

Renard's World

Linux Mint Logo (Photo credit: Linux Mint)

The first version of Linux Mint that I ever used was 17.1 (Code-named Rebecca); I experimented with it and made it mine.

Today, I am using Linux Mint 19.2 (Code-named Tina); I decided to go with the version with the MATE desktop environment due to the fact that it is my favourite desktop environment.

Did I get angry with Solus?

No, I did not!

Solus worked well on my computer’s hardware.

Did Namib get me all flustered?

No, it worked way better than I had expected.

So, why is it that I am back on Linux Mint?

I am back on Linux Mint because I missed it (Now, that is what happens when you have had lots of fond memories of using such an amazing operating system in the past).

Also, Linux Mint has a reputation for getting better with each new…

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