Hunting for a New Noggin

You may have gathered by now that I’m not really happy with my new Genus Strong Face head. And I don’t like the two others even less. So after a brief teleconference with the always so clever and stylish Træppy I TPd to LeLutka to try out some demos from there. By arrival I noticed I was in that store already but dismissed it quickly since I had my mind set to buy a Genus head.

Doesn’t matter. Today I went there much more relaxed and collected a bunch of demo heads … and I truly like what I see. Look:


Already the first noggin is very very likeable. Chloe sports fine, but still energic, facial attributes, and that without any modding. Choe is already an older girl but I guess she got all the updates. Me likey. 😉

And anyway, I have  4 or 5 more LeLutka heads to choose from. But not now, RL demands my attention.





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