No O@tMs in Quite a While

Yeah, no, indeeed not. See why?

The YTS guys are not responsible for crappy movies, they can only loot what’s available. :/

Mhm, this is all so bad and uncompelling. Having decided to only watch quality movies – or at least interesting trainwrecks – this cross section of below mediocrity cash cow celluloid waste doesn’t compel me to waste my time, neither watching nor writing essays about that shit.

Because contrary to the wonderful Jay with her semi-professional Assholes Watching Movies blog, I don’t have to. 😉 I can just sit the shitty flicks out. For months if need be. I still have Second Life and GNU/Linux operating systems to blog about. And also all the new streaming services and networks made TV a real alternative to the classic great Hollywood cinema. Writing about cool shit like The Expanse would be more fun than writing about any of the four poor flicks I showed above.

Thar She Blows! likes The Expanse better than Star Wars.

And anyway, you been to the movie theater lately? It’s just not a joyful event anymore. Last couple times I went it was cold, superduper ear-drum burstingly loud and the chairs were uncomfy. And then the stupid 3D shit visuals! 😮

And all that just to observe badly written, totally overproduced crap with plotholes bigger than … the biggest hole you can imagine. 😦
Mighty Big Hole in Kimberley, South Africa. And like the Hollywood plot holes it’s entirely man made. By gold diggers, no less 😉


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