Muito Obrigado, Foneco

Whoah, my friend Foneco (ZZ Bottom) Zuzu sent me a new motoryacht. And what a luxurious thing it is. Fortunately I have a blog so I can show you already the first photos:

I’m not a powerboat fan but this is a very elegant boat, I must admit.
My favourite skipper position up on the flybridge. This yacht is very easy to drive: PgDn starts and moors, arrow up/down increases/decreases the speed from 0 – 5. But not even on 5 the boat is very superspeedy. It’s more like a steady cruising speed.
A must: Sunbathing anim.
Dance party! Very  nice. Kitten is in IM and tells me she’s testing her copy around her new home continent of Belliseria.
Another helmsman’s position on the main deck.
The eating anim would’ve been nicer if I had some silverware … and something to eat. :/
Cabin girl Orca takes a rest from all the sunbathing stress.
And the Huckleberry Finn angling pose would be even better if I had a fishing rod. 😉
A good pace is all this yacht can do. Good for cruising and party, not for racing.
Then I wanna snap some photos in Blake Sea, but my usual locations Windlass and Sirens Isle are overrun by bloody tourists, and even on Spyglass Isle are some people/boats.
So I try my luck with the shabby chic of Half Hitch as an atmospheric location. And, ooopsy, a twin boat enters the harbor. Belongs to a certain Helen Redman (?), who is unbeknownst to Kitten and me but obviously a friend of ZZ … and about 3 meters tall.
Two bitches, one thought: Dancing to the groovy sounds of the seagulls. 😉 I’ve sent Helen a link to this bloggo, maybe she reads this and can correct me about her name and her height. 🙂

And again ZZ made a nice toy for her friends in the sailing community, a really usable boat that would even be good for an LCC cruise if you don’t feel like sailing. The style, details and nicely sorted anims will make your next engine powered cruise a real joyride.

Thx again ZZ





    • Yeah, this hair looked very cute with my old shape, not so much with the harsher face of my new Genus “Strong Face” noggin. Guess I’ll go and get me the babyface style instead of this. The nose, you know?
      But today, with the new giftboat, that needed a thorough testride first, I had no time for nip tuck myself. :/

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