Why You Should Use Linux Mint!

Because why the fuk not?

Okay, we’re done here. Kthxbai. 😉

Linux Mint’s new logo.

HALT! STOP! Not so fast my young jedis, let’s pause for a moment here and ask … “Why should I use Linux Mint … instead of what please?” See, that’s a  good question. Thank you for your awareness and critical thinking. I already see you’ll become a great contributor to the Linux think tank one day. 😉

But to answer you: Instead of your fukn Windows install. And don’t tell me you’re happy with Windows and excited about using it. I don’t see such commentaries as valid points, as we’re attempting to have an honest adult discussion here, do we?

So let’s just assume you’re no sheeples but intrepid consumers computer users and always want what’s best for you, what you decide works best for you and don’t let any multibillion woolong corporations tell you what you want and what you need.

Remember, grown ups here! So let’s show some agency.

Okay, now we’ve established that you gotta escape the worst managed kindergarten, the careless Microsoft corp. And now you need something new, something better, something less stressful, something less bossy, something more fun. So auntie Orca tells you exactly what you need and … arrgs! Didn’t we just find out you won’t listen to any industry shills and propagandists anymore?

So switch brain on *klik* and just listen. Listen with an open mind but don’t sign any contracts, don’t join any cult. Just see and be convinced by the power of Linux … or not. Meh ¯\(ツ)/¯.

After that long prefix it’s about time we get into medias res: I’ve decided (me, not anybody else) to recommend that everybody’s gonna try Linux Mint, as a first and maybe even last step away from MS and into a much better future. And I’m very happy to know that I’m not the lonely caller in the desert but that it’s almost universally agreed on that Mint, although not a dedicated starter distro, is so logical, so easy peasy, so traditional, in a way even boring, it fulfills all the requirements one might have for a beginner’s Linux distro. And because it’s a complete distro, not just a barebones system like Windows but filled to the brim with nifty and useful user programs.

Let’s not forget that Linux ain’t Windows! Not even close to Windows. As long as we always keep that in mind we’re good. But in the end it’s not the underlying base system in which we work but the GUI, the desktop environment. And Linux Mint comes with three desktops to choose from, all pretty traditional and close to the way you’ve always worked: You have most likely a keyboard and a mouse/touchpad, right? Okay, you’re good to go.

“But Orca”, I hear you asking, “what about that stupid terminal thing?”

My answer is simple:“Terminal? Uh yes, you got one. And now ignore it.”

Hey peeps, it’s quite a while since I last worked in Windows but there, too, you have a window with your files to push back n forth, you have a menu with all  the options and stuff to do. And you probably also have a window in  which your computer, all your drives and other externals are managed. Scanner, printer, all that super stuff. Basically the same in Mint. Afraid your exotic printer might not work? Haha, Mint got the bestest hardware detection in the fukn bizniz!

And now careful, you’re not in Kansas Windows anymore. You won’t even need to surf to your printer manufacturer’s website but usually you’ll get the right driver directly from your system’s repository. It’s all in there! And if your printer won’t come with original drivers for Linux, there are open source alternatives … and an always helpful community to ask.

Next point, and silly useless pseudo-problem: Again you’re asking a useless question: “What about my software/apps., my MS Office and my Adobe PhotoShop? Can I run them on Linux?”

Adobe PS

No, you can’t! Not without trickery. And now shut up. How often do I have to repeat myself? Linux is not Windows! Still you will find alternatives to most user programs people use daily. Maybe not for the most ultra special industrial implementations but your usual mom n dad apps are covered. In astonishingly good quality, as good and often even better, than the originals you’ve just gotten rid of.


And remember the best thing about Linux: It’s faster and less crashy than Windows! No BSOD in Linux!

Instead of MS Office you get something called Libre Office, a complete office suite, 99.9% compatible with your Microsoft stuff. And for almost complete replacement of your expensive Adobe stuff you get the GNU Image Manipulaton Program (GIMP), without any cost and complicated licensing contracts. It’s all in your distro. Same for media playback, recording and editing. And browsing the internet? From Firefox, via Chromium and Vivaldi to Qupzilla, all the browsers are all there!

Countless Free and Open Source Softwares (FOSS) are available. If not already installed in your Mint or Ubuntu or Arch or whatever distro you decide upon, you’ll find it in  the Software Store or Boutique from where you can install all the good stuff with just a few mouseclicks. Cost? Zero, null, zilch, nada. Remember: No Microsoft and gang here!

It’s all yours! To do with it as you please. Sorry, I can’t see what’s bad about that. Or why you won’t give Linux a fair fighting chance. Really not. Wost case scenario, you wasted some hours. No financial or emotional engagement needed.

So, will you do me – no, not me but yourself – a solid and install Linux Mint now? You got that old laptop uselessly catching dust anyway. So make it useful again! Ffs, will you now?

Looking familiar, no?






  1. You know I am the mintyists fan of them all but I will also say that I also keep a windows machine and will have to unti Adobe makes a Linux version, which will be never. As much as I am a fan of Mint there are still legit reasons to use Windows if you are a content creator…yes you can do MUCH of the same things on Linux, but there is nothing like Photoshop (no gimp is not nearly as good, it’s good but it’s no Photoshop) and Adobe Premiere has nothing like it on Limux, again there are some great tools but they are not Premiere ..if we could get an entire Industry to switch..ok, but until then..at least its not Mac.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jackie, I’m by no means a graphics artist, mostly not even doing anything to my screenshots from Second Life but cutting them to size. So GIMP is already total overkill for my usage. I’ve installed PhotoFlare now for some graphical trickery without exalted geekery involved. But I’m hearing that many pros are using the GIMP as well. Tom makes all his book covers exclusively in GIMP and I know many more are doing as well.

      Adobe Premiere, is that the video editor? All I know is that most content creators on YouTube are swearing on KDEnlive, which is a really good editor. Not just for Linux but compared to all the industry standards.


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