The Best Democracy

… money can buy. 😮

Jeezuz! 😮

As if it’s not bad enough that Adobe refuses to make their shit available on Linux, now they went to downright stealing from their users. :/  I can only hope Venezuela cuts all ties to Microsoft and Adobe and other asshole software houses and set up a public gov’mt supported Linux for the masses, just like other smaller (North Korea) and slightly bigger (PR China) countrie have done already. Linux is very strong in central and south America regions already, it’s time we split the world of computing in two halves, one enslaved by Microsoft, Apple and their minions vs one free and open world full of happy Linux penguins. 😉

I knew something bad’s gonna happen as soon as the first software houses went from selling their programs to subscriber models, where they more or less just rent out their services. Hey, when I shell out whatever amount of woolongs for software, I demand having that shit on my own hardware, my own fukn computer! And no Microsoft and no Adobe can even touch it and disable it from their side. Fuk that shit!

A critic would say it just shows that America Inc. is both cowardly and greedy, but we’ll just assume Adobe is being cautious and law-abiding.

Law-abiding my ass. 😮



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