Bought New Land

Mörnin’ kidz!

Howzit hangin? I hope you’re all doing well. I did … stupid? Yes, probably. But also maybe not. Lemme explainify with a little photo story:

My parcel on Route 13 in northern Nautilus is lovely n all but too mountainious for my taste. I always had problems building there. It’s hardly possible without a concrete foundation. So today I abandoned the parcel after no landbots grabbed it from me. I dunno how low I had to stoop pricewise, so after some attempts I just abandoned it back to LL.
Then bought another 1120 m² parcel on Satori, the Japanese continent. And also directly at a Linden Route. Anyhoo, it’s nice and flat and should make it much easier to build stuff there. Ppl slowly seem to wisen up and have learned how to get 1120 m² instead of 1024. So compared to last time when I was looking for a 1120 piece of land, today I found lots of them on the property market.
And it was only 2300 Woolongs, much cheaper than my old one. Of course is the area not as touristy and the road rather boring to ride, but look, some eager LDPW mole had planted a tree right on the small strip of Linden land between me and the road. Nice. 😉
Location of my new parcel in “Japan” is marked by the big yellow/red blobb, TrYC is the small blobb on top. Blake Sea and all the stuff to the far right side.
Oh geez, I’m still looking like fresh roadkill. 😮 Will try to fix me up for good … later today … or tomorrow or so …



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