Orca’s New Noggin

Still needs a lot of dilligent werk until it’s pörfectly done. But I have a sneak preview for all y’all:

Jeez, if somebody had told me before how complicated all that shit is, I’d still be a happy troglodyte girl on 2007 technology. But all in all I really like my Genus Strong Face head, it has the most character of the three Genus potatoes. And I couldn’t detect any of the assumed bugs I’ve been warned about. But then I’m only wearing that thing since 5 minutes or so. There is still plenty time left in my SL to break my head. 🙂

Anyway, I really need some  serious nip/tuck, shorter neck, less strong nose … oh, and I need to figure out how to wear earrings and other piercings and get the same skin for face and body. And of course I need some punky mesh hairs. Gonna start with all that shit tomorrow…

Genus Demo noggin.

And a special shoutout goes to Lucy, who sent me some tops. Thank you very much, hun. xoxo Of course, you know Lucy and how she’s a Brazilian and all and how little skin her tops would actually cover. :/ At least I’m safe now from people complaining about me being topless. 🙂 Of course she didn’t send me the one or other trousers in her care paket, so I’m wearing now some lingerie that came included with the Matreya body.



    • They can’t complain when I’m flashin’ in my own bloggo. But I got complaints in world, once some xtian woman berated me for at least half an hour how I would dare exposing her to my nakedness. As if I was just waiting for her to come along to uncover my mammals. That was years and years ago, when I was still following a more or less strict ‘Topless Tuesdays’ routine. And it was at a LCC party which was full of innuendo anyway.

      Anyhoo the tops Lucy sent me are all kinda showy. Some of them are covering the nipples … but they are transparent. 🙂

      And hair, yes of course she will get some. Today I tried an older punky style but the hairbase didn’t show up. I’m just waiting for my viewer to get BOM ready and then I can wear a lot of older clothes and hairs with my new mesh/bento physique.

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