(no) Newness About Namib GNU/Linux


Coupla days ago I askered a kwestjon in the Namib forums because I was afraid frederic2ec had gone awol …

Pheeew … we’re still alive. =^.^⁼

Despite all the common wisdom telling us not to install distros from so far down the food chain, maintained by a one-man operation and on the brink of going the way of the dodo, there is no risk involved in joining the Namib hype train. Fred is still the driver/conductor and I’ll be your stewardess/cabin girl. What will it be for you, darling, beef or chicken? 😉

PS: You can have fish as well. =^,^=




  1. 🙂 Well, it is nice to know that Frederic is still maintaining Namib. I would hate to see it go.

    Earlier in October, Condres OS (an Arch-based Linux distribution) came to an end because the developer believed that it was way too time-consuming.

    Honestly speaking, I feel more comfortable using a distribution of Linux that is run by a team of people.

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    • And you’re absolutely right to do so, Renard. It is what common wisdom tells us to do. And believe you me, I’d never jumped aboard the Namib train if it hadn’t such a good Mate implementation. Manjaro/Mate with a thousand man team behind it broke too often for me. Namib never does and is much closer to upstream, which is another positive. And in case Fred will ever give up on his project, I guess another nifty Arch is quickly found. Archman made an ok impression on me.
      Meanwhile hubby’s and mine computers are running like clockwork, day in day out.

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      • Wonderful to hear that Namib is still alive. Thanks orcaflotta for getting the word out. Namib has been my go-to linux distro for several months now. Please hang in there Fred!

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        • Hi Ron, thx for finding this little sideshow and part time Linux blog. Grab a beer, you’re very welcome here. Tell your fellow blogreaders how you found Namib in the first place, why you like it and what DE you’re running please? I bet they are all curious af. At least me, I am. =^.^=


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