New Body


Look at the almost completely refurbished Orca:

Went and got me a demo for the Maitreya Lara 4.1 mesh body. Didn’t even look for any other bodies since all the bishies are on this model since years. So Maitreya is proven quality and trusted by the masses.
Then went back and bought the real thing. Noticed it leaves Orca almost completely intact, just had to enlarge my titties 5% to avoid weird deformations but the rest looks kinda like I looked for the last 57 million years. Never knew we could use the standard sliders to operate on our mesh bodies. Pretty cool.

Now must find a noggin that allows me to stay basically the same as well. Pretty pretty face with a marginally too wide mouth. Alyss recommends Catwa and Genus heads, what would you recomend me? She prefers Genus but Tamm told me of problems with Genus. Otoh he’s a guy so what does he know about skincare products?

Oh btw, do I have to get rid of all my prim clothing now? And hairs, what am I gonna do with those?

And skin … OMG, do I need new skin now as well? I mean it doesn’t look too bad as it is and there are many different shades in the Maitreya HUD. Is that maybe my original Skinnery skin?

And thx Zaara for the freebie underwear, now this post is SFW. 🙂



    • Orca’s a grumpypot, that’s her standard facial expression. No, honest, I haven’t bought a new noggin yet, they are even more expensive than mesh bodies. 5k L$ is a lot for an avie living on basic income. And I actually didn’t do much on the body neither. Made the chest look less dented and that’s it so far. In forum they are talking about shoulder problems of Maitreya Lara body, I’ll care about that later.
      For now I’m off to buy a Genus head. From what I’ve heard they have facial AOs n stuff, so maybe we can get Orca to smile. Pfff… 😐

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      • you’ll regret buying it , for a start its not a easy head to work on, huds over complicated when it works , hardly any facial animations on it hardly and the very few it has freeze up , the eyes go wonky on you , another expense to buy decent eyes , trust me i’ve seen hundreds ranting about its issues in the inworld groups every day since it came out , if your going to spend that sort of money get a lelutka head , , the skins it comes with match the maitreya body and its easy to use , have used the male version for nearly a year now and never any issues. a cheaper option is vista, they sell at 2000L and work well to. forgot another expense you’ll have getting genus is a head/body skin to match up or they will look odd being different tones , min cost there will be another 1000L but in the end its your choice i’m just trying to save you the heart ache like a lot of genus users have suffered

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        • Thx for the good hint, Anonymous … Tamm? Ya, I’m gonna spend more time investigating before I shell out a substantial amount of Linden woolongs for just a noggin. I heard about the wonky eyes in at least one of the three Genus girlheads. Will have a look at Catwa and another brand Kitten wants to show me.

          I don’t need many, if any, facial expressions since I’m satisfied with my usual ‘Resting Bitch’ face and don’t smile much anyway. Plus I assume moving facial muscles will cause lag. In that regard I’m still sceptic about the whole mesh stuff anyway. I heard it’s laggier than the old system bodies and the developers give a fuck about optimizing their bodies and heads. :/


    • Ya, indeed Trappy. It happened, the one thing I never wanted for myself: I’m living in interesting times. :/
      But good I have you here right now, my viking friend. What’s your winning body/head combo? So far I only know Genus is great/shit, and Catwa is great/shit, I didn’t like the nogs Kitten showed me, neither did I like LeLutka.
      OMG, whatamIgonnadonow??? Hjelp! 😮


    • It used to be. Back in 2007, when I joined, it was really exciting, a totally new technology, supposed to become the future of the internet, filled up with computer geeks and sociologists and socially awkward weirdos. It was adventurous and the technic made us crash often and everything looked very primitive. And as soon as there were more than 15,000 avies online the whole thing crashed. And once a weak Linden Lab closed down the whole grid for maintenance. And every time before they shut down the grid we met with friends in group hug circles and went down together. The maintenance was supposed to take 2 – 3 hours but often it took way longer and in the forums we talked about the pending apocalypse. There was still some kind of togetherness, a solidarity. This is long gone and forgotten by now.

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    • Relax Foneco, I’m not even wearing my Lara yet. All that mesh crapola costs me all my money and now I’m kinda broke + I don’t feel like even wasting 5 minutes into modding all that stuff. :/

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