Chuwi GBox Pro Mini PC

Mörnings lovelies!

And what a wonderful morning this is … except I probably did domething wrong at yesterday’s yoga class and can hardly walk today. I tell ya, getting old is painful in more than just one way. Otoh I have time now to sit at my desk and blog a bit. Cool, eh?
Chuwi’s website looks good.

So this morning I stumbled upon a new mini PC. You know they are kinda my favourite PCs, since I can have three of those little things on my desk and don’t need to pay those frivolous laptop prices. So today I found another Chuwi machine and remembered it was quite a while since I had one of those little sexies covered in my bloggy. Look:

Chuwi GBox Pro looks positively different from other mini PCs.

But hey, if you read the review on It’s FOSS, you’ll see that this little Chuwi ain’t all what it promises to be. It’s nicely done and has a good selection of ports but, same as many of its little competitors is a bit grossly undermotorized.

John Paul Wohlscheid installed Ubuntu and Manjaro on the Chuwi, which is finally a real Linux test, and found out it was running decidedly faster on Manjaro. I mean of course it does! Particularly with weak machines the difference between a heavy slug like Ubuntu’s Gnome3.xx and Manjo’s speedy Xfce desktop becomes vividly appearant.

Look at the pathetic specs of the weakling Chuwi:

Intel Atom X7-E3950 quad-core CPU, HD 505 graphics

4 GB of DDR3 RAM

64 GB of eMMC storage

Atom processors are only good for one thing: Saving electricity. For all the rest they range even below Celeron CPUs. You can add storage, but 64GB is pretty low space to start with. And 4GB RAM? Please bitch. :/

Gagamore, and even Gaga are both way more capable and fasterer than anything from Chuwi and its competitors. Not everything made in China has necessarily to be crapola. 😉

So while I guess this new Chuwi is probably a better deal than similar machines from many of its competitors, I still wouldn’t buy it. It’ll make a very nice distro tester and daily workhorse for you, and it’s available from Amazon so you don’t need to hassle with AliExpress and bitchy US customs. But still, as long as you’re not living off the grid somewhere in the Arizona desert or Louisiana swamps, try to get a refurbished small form factor Lenovo ThinkCentre. I wouldn’t recommend anything lower than Intel i3 procis and 8 GB RAM if you wanna have some fun.

And gaming … or even playing in SL? Forgetaboutit!

Chuwi Gbox Pro


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