Hi everyone  I am passing on an exciting and fun invitation from KYRAL. You are all invited. I hope to see you there.

    ⛵ Ahoy all sailors, you are cordially invited to join in the Second Anniversary Celebration for the Kyral Threndor Yacht Club. on Saturday, 5 October 2019, beginning at Noon SLT at Alton’s Attic, the Kyral Threndor Pub.

♫  The fun begins with DJ Bianca and Host Petra spinning your favorite tunes until 1 PM SLT.  Then the fabulous live singer Abby Jadov takes the stage with Host Petra for an hour of not to be missed music.  DJ Bianca and Host Petra return to the stage at 2 PM SLT and keep the fun going UNTIL …  Come early and stay late.  The bar will be open and the fun will be non stop.

Kyral Threndor, Absolution (172, 70, 737) – Moderate

⛵ To make the celebration even more special, KTYC is hosting Hot Laps from 28 September to 11 October.  There will be a new course each week, so make your plans week, so make your plans now to sail them often.



      • LOL, every time I try to edit the post it tells me you’re using the unspeakably evil Gutenberg editor and if I wanna use the classic editor instead. YES, OF COURSE! Pleeezepleeezpleeeez!!!

        I don’t know, nobody knows why WordPress makers Automattic are trying to push that super bad editor onto the 99.9% opposed clientéle. It’s a fukn mess, and I couldn’t compose a single post with it neither.

        But it seems you had a hard time even posting your comment. Network probs? Your router going bad, crashing a lot?


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