Feeling Better Now

Grrrr, I hate to do it, it’s too much hard work for princess Orca. But in the end I thought my cute little avie is worth the time and effort. So, when I checked in world a couple minutes ago …

… and noticed I still had no skin …
… I decided on the dreaded “Character Test Female”, which, as everybody knows brings out the hated “Ruth” in us all. But it’s indeed a neutral base from which to start building yourself up again.
And voila, 3 minutes of ultra hard work later Orca’s back in all her underdeveloped sweetness incl. ultrahectic AO that can’t stand still for even a single second to snap a photo.:o

Ok, let’s see how Orca feels in the morning, if she’s still in her skin or fubared again. Hey, I got things to do, continue the cruise, wanna do a little camping trip in my new RV and stuffz. So please LL, don’t muck with me again, ya?


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