Still Not Better

Okayyyyyy… just had a new look at my lovely avie. Still the same de-skinned girl. 😦 Then logged in with Firestorm, the graphically betterer of my viewers but …


… oy vey! 😮

The same shitty girl. 😦

Oh my fuk, whatamigonnadonow? Fortunately super talented Thar She Blows! reader Alyss Whitewood hinted me on the right purveyors of fine mesh bodies and noggins, so I can go and get the good stuff when I’m ready and daring enuff to do the switch.

Some of you may remember I was once before already on the brink of going mesh, the lovely Trap even gifted me the monies to get all the good stuff … only so I could get cold feet and weasel out of the whole mesh circus. Paid the money back  and never again thought about mesh.

Until now that is. :/



    • Ya, maybe. I’ve heard about BOM. Still no idea what it is but the Lab thinks it’s cool to fuk with my good old classic avie? Those fukkaz! 😦
      But anyway, the capitalists of SL have won. I’ll go tomorrow and get me a Maitreya carcass and a Genus noggin, and then I’ll try to make myself so that I’ll at least somehow look similar to the real Orca. How many millions of SL woolongs will that shit cost me?


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